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SSUET is proud to announce the collaboration with Essex Film Academy (EFA) – a private film school based in East London technical filmmaking education. EFA is powered by D-Media Productions UK – a productions company specialising in film and media content.

EFA is Pakistan’s 1st Premier Hands-on Practical Filmmaking School

At EFA we specialise in practical filmmaking through two courses covering a variety of platforms and formats, for cinema and television. Students won’t be stuck with their head in a book, you’ll be out there making films and learning from industry professional tutors.

Film industry professionals teach all of our highly practical programmes

EFA ensures that our students gain the right knowledge, experience and contacts to help them succeed in the creative industries. Taught in Karachi – the heart of the filmmaking and television industry of Pakistan. All theory classes are used to supplement practical exercises, giving our students the opportunity to transform their learning into filmed productions. EFA delivers relevant, practical training in a supportive, collaborative and creative environment. Small and friendly, the school provides continuous access to tutors. This means we have one of the highest student-equipment ratios of any school in Pakistan. One of the reasons for being based at SSUET is that we aim to develop students with a robust technical proficiency in filmmaking.


At SSUET we believes that filmmakers find their voice by having a thorough understanding of the technical processes involved in the telling of the story. Hence, the course familiarizes students in the following roles:

  • Directing (Director, 1st Assistant Director, Script Supervisor)
  • Cinematography (Director of Photography, Camera Operator)
  • Sound (Sound Mixer, Boom Operator)
  • Producing (Producer, Producing Manager, Location Manager)
  • Editing (Editor, Sound Designer)
  • Scriptwriting (Screenwriter)


The school admits a maximum of one hundred students across both programmes each year in order to keep class sizes intimate and friendly, to ensure maximum interaction with tutors, and to give great access to all our equipment and facilities.


All of our tutors are working film industry professionals and include those at the forefront of new and emerging technologies.

Talha Murslin

Principal Lecturer

Talha Murslin is a principal lecturer in filmmaking course. He gained his bachelors from London, UK and masters from Stockholm, Sweden. He also completed his studies from MetFilm School and specializes in the field of Film & Advertising Product and Documentary Filmmaking. He has worked on several international feature film as production manager as well as been DoP for documentaries.

Valerian Kirkitadze

Guest Lecturer

Valerian Kirkitadze completed his BA Cinema & Theatre from Georgia University and went on to pursue masters in Fine Arts from New York University currently teaches Film & Theatre at Rustaveli Tbilisi University.

Dannia Murslin

Guest Lecturer

Dannia Murslin is one of the only talented Pakistani-origin to have specialised in Hollywood VFX. Currently teaches in London. She completed postgrad Cert 3D Visual Effects from Escape Studios. Dannia completed her specialization from Malmo University -and gained MA Communication and Media Studies. London South Bank University – BA(Hons) Digital & Video.


Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment once they finish their courses.  Students receive relevant careers advice throughout the duration of the course from the working industry professionals who teach at the school.

Highly specialised curriculum

Students are taught in small group sizes and specialist seminar groups.  We like to get to know each of our students, to discover their long-term career ambitions, and to offer a bespoke student experience. Students are encourage to partake in each others’ films so they can see what it is like to be in front of the camera as well as behind it.  However, the school also uses professional actors from Karachi Arts Council to act in most projects students work on, as well as teach acting techniques for camera.


The school uses the latest professional-grade filmmaking cameras (Sony FS7, Arri, Red), lighting (Arri, Kino) and editing software (FCP, APr) available.

12-Week Filmmaking Foundation Certificate (part-time)

Part-Time Foundation in Filmmaking familiarises you with filmmaking process and builds a solid foundation in the core screen crafts. The course consists of both lectures and practical workshops, giving you an opportunity to put what you learn into practice and take an informed decision about the next steps in your career or studies.

  • Learn about the role of director, including directing actors and preparing for a shoot using storyboards, script markups and technical floor plans
  • Discover the role of screenwriter and the stages of story development
  • Receive camera training and technical operation skills, including the effect of differing focal length lenses, digital camera, the principles of shot composition, master short, close-ups and cutaways
  • Become familiar with the role of the sound recordist by learning about sound kit, working with sound equipment and recording dialogues
  • Receive introduction to cinematography by learning about lighting and the basics of shot composition
  • Develop post-production skills to be able to edit your screen content
  • Direct a short sequence to practise on-set procedures, camera operation, sound recording and directing commands
  • Learn to shoot on Professional High Digital
  • Learn how to work effectively in key crew roles

Students are introduced to essential filmmaking disciplines including:

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Screenwriting (Storyboarding)
  • Cinematography
  • Post-Production
  • Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X)

Practical exercises will demonstrate:

  • Key Lighting Techniques
  • Camera techniques

On Completion:

  • Gain experience through collaborative learning
  • Gain in-depth, hands-on training across the key disciplines of filmmaking: Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Sound, Editing
  • Use latest Hollywood standard film equipment and software
  • Develop a working portfolio/showreel
  • UK Certificate

Entry Requirements:

  • Be over 18 years’ of age
  • A-Level or equivalent
  • No Previous experience required

15-Week Filmmaking Apprenticeship

15-week Filmmaking Apprenticeship programme is for highly motivated students who would like to enter an intensive, hands-on course of study. You will be taught on ARRI and RED cameras, both of which are industry standard filmmaking cameras used in Hollywood films.

EFA’s apprenticeship programme is unlike any other programme. Students will be placed under the mentorship of an international filmmaker. For this reason the apprenticeship will take place abroad and students will be flown to Dubai or Qatar. This will ensure we get international setting yet be close to home. Students will then work on a live film project as 1st assistant (1AD) to the director, DoP and editor to gain unlimited exposure and powerful knowledge absorption direct from the source.

Students will assist the filmmaking crew in script writing, storyboarding, pre-production. Students will then work on a real-live film set environment with real actors. Finally students will get the opportunity to work with the editors, colourist and sound department to add finishing touches to the film.

What is special about this programme is that students gradually become filmmakers by working real films.

This course is an accelerated intensive course for students who wish to enter the creative motion arts industry and wish to gain professional experience and gain an internationally recognised certificate. Ideally this course if for professionals who are already family with basic concepts of filmmaking but wish to enhance their knowledge and employability factor.

Students are required to produce 1 feature film or 2 short films in that period. We teach the art and craft of filmmaking through a dynamic blend of classroom instruction, hands-on film workshops, and immediate directing experience. Students are behind the camera from the first day of class and will learn about and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that face directors.

On Completion:

  • Gain the real-world practical skills through work-based learning
  • Gain in-depth, hands-on training across the key disciplines of filmmaking: Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Production (including Production Design) as 1st Assistants (1AD)
  • Excellent tutor-to-student ratios and practical exposure to industry mentors
  • Use latest Hollywood standard film equipment and software
  • Specialised apprenticeships give real-world experiences and future contacts
  • Develop a working portfolio/showreel
  • UK Certificate

Entry Requirements:

  • Be over 18 years’ of age
  • A-Level or equivalent
  • No Previous experience required
  • Self-discipline
  • Have a valid passport

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